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From the time I can remember being alive, I remember having this “ divine feeling,” that flowed through me. There was this voice inside of me that said:

I am meant to be on this planet. I was sent here to do big things. And I may not leave until I figure out what those big things are.

This voice prompted me to figure out my “ life’s purpose” at a young age. The things I knew I loved, or the things I was really starting to excel in, was all around storytelling. It started in theatre (as I still believe the theatre to be a Holy Place), and as I grew up I continued listening to that voice. It led me to Speech & Debate, Public Speaking, and performing in High School.

That voice carried me across the US in pursuit of Higher Education, it took me to pursue Improv and Comedy. It led me to try new businesses and develop new and fun skills, like trying my hand at playwriting and producing, it took me touring across the world, it took me to find myself on a sheep farm.

Until one day I found myself in New York, producing some of the biggest tours across the nation. During this Producing stunt, I noticed the voice, that was once a shout had been reduced to a whisper. When my life was once filled with adventure and imagination, joy and laughter, my new days were filled with gossip and hierarchy, profit lines and shame.

This is where my story can be anyone’s story. I had started moving away from my “purpose” my divine feeling, ma raison d’être. And with that move, my life now felt meaningless, the feelings I was left with were misery and contempt.

I took a step back and moved away from my career. I waited tables and wrote nonsense in a journal. I spent days, devouring books and meeting new people, in search of finding the inner voice again. Of allowing that whisper to get louder and louder. I followed that voice again.

I moved countries, I fell in love, and most importantly I listened.

That whisper became a shout, and soon it was radiating like industry-sized speakers and an outdoor concert venue. And I heeded the call.

When I looked back at all of the times in my life, that I had been in love with living for the joy of living, it was always surrounded by story. The stories of strangers I would meet, new friends and connections I would make. The stories of plotlines to musicals I had written and produced. The stories of speeches, I had helped to craft. The stories of novels I bled over. The stories of people getting lost and finding themselves all over again. Just, as I had done.

I know what it means to be someone without a story, without an idea of who you are or what you stand for. I would not wish that feeling on my worst enemy. So, now, this is my vision, my divine feeling, my purpose.

I tell stories, and I drive, encourage, or perhaps force others to find and tell their own stories.  

Stories are our deepest and most accessible form of power and connection. We learn who we are when we take ownership of our stories. We stand in full regalia when we have the courage to stand up and say, “this is who I am  and what matters most.”

Stories can strip us to our barest souls and say, “ I am not perfect, but I am human, hear me roar.”

It is my full belief that when you know your own story, your world becomes bigger, you have deeper connections with your loved ones. You are more assertive with your work and your creative endeavors. You ask for more from others and you end up giving more back.

So what is the story of your life? What is the story of your work? Can you hear your own whisper dancing on the winds guiding you to the arena? If you can, find a way to follow the whisper, let it lead you to your power. Let it envelop you and craft your story.

And if you ever need someone to walk with you in that scary place of living your purpose, of following your divine feeling, I am right here and I cannot wait to meet you.


Do you want to work through something? Do you feel like you have a story bursting inside of you, itching to come out? Do you feel like you have felt lost and are looking for clarity of how to take the next step forward? Do you want to grow your confidence through unveiling the story inside you?

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