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Ashley Evenson founded Oval Productions in 2016, as a means to create more connection through communities, using storytelling. After a twenty-year career writing and producing live events in the theatre industry, Ashley looked to find different uses of storytelling to build confidence and self-esteem within her clients. She has worked with universities, social enterprises, youth centres and community groups to unveil the beauty and confidence in each individual. 

She has recently started speaking in 2020 and is looking for more opportunities to take her proven strategies to wider audiences. If you are looking for a speaker for your next event, please get in touch. 

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Storyteller. Author. Speaker.

Stories are what I live for. They are my passion and my reason for being. I love the way they attach themselves as the medium of connection across humanity. I love the way they play with our imaginations and open our minds up to different communities and experiences. 

After twenty years in theatre, writing, producing, and performing, I took my love of story to the entrepreneur community. I started doing story event nights and hosting workshops. I have worked with multiple universities and funding organisations across the UK to help social enterprises, students and young entrepreneurs find the voice and their story. 

I have begun speaking with wider audiences about the power of the Personal Narrative. If you have questions or just want to tell me your story, get in touch. I am always happy to meet new people and have a chat about the way our stories are told. 

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