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Other Projects that I have been working on.

I have been so fortunate to team up with two Amazing Women, Steph Turner and Bex Devaraj to create the "Curious About Creativity Podcast". 

This podcast is all about demystifying creativity. We talk about barriers to creative, creative processes and how we believe every human is creative. Hosted by Steph Turner and myself, we interview someone from the creative industries each week. We launched this podcast on the 19th of October and we have loved every moment of it! 


Serious About Storytelling Podcast

Welcome to the 'Serious About Storytelling' podcast, where we dive deep into the art and craft of storytelling. Join our host and a lineup of seasoned storytellers and creatives as they explore the world of narratives from every angle. We dissect the techniques that make tales resonate, share behind-the-scenes insights from the creative industry, and discuss the power of storytelling in our everyday lives. Tune in to 'Serious About Storytelling' and embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of compelling narratives, one episode at a time.

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The Secret Novelist is a storytelling platform I created for telling the stories, and revealing the secrets with a touch of anonymity. This is where people can write their secret novels or embrace stories they wouldn't usually engage in.

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