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Ashley delivers workshops, talks, and lectures across universities, accelerators, and enterprise hubs. Some of these students and attendees have gone on to get personal coaching, group coaching, or they have found ways to really understand the principles she teaches. See what people are saying about her services.



Carly Attridge,  Co-Founder, The Loss Project

Ashley is an incredible storyteller. She is warm and welcoming and puts you at ease right from the beginning. She was able to help me to see my story in ways I hadn't thought about before, and take the space and permission to think about how my identity has shaped who I am and what I do. It was just as much about me owning my story and the space to tell it, as it was about crafting it into something that could resonate with other people. Some bits of my personal story are quite tough, and Ashley made me feel safe to explore what I needed to in order to really think about how I can craft it into something I am more comfortable to share. I can't recommend Ashley enough. She is the super hero of story telling and I think we could all do with owning our own narratives. It's as much about owning who we are, as it is telling other people.

“When we deny our stories, they define us.
When we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending.”

Brené Brown


"Thank you for organising today's workshop today; I found it very informative and inspiring. "

Amirah Muhammed

"I really enjoyed the storytelling course. I found it really useful!"

Cecilia Guarna

"Ashley it was a wonderful rollercoaster ride - I was totally hooked!"

David White

"Thank you for such a superb, practical and insightful workshop AshleyI’ve learnt a tremendous amount which I’m looking forward to implementing!"

Lorna Jackson

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