We are Outrageous.

We are Voracious. 

We are Audacious. 

We are Loquacious. 

Welcome to 

OVAL Productions

Oval Productions aims to connect companies, communities, and cultures through the power of storytelling, speech and performance.


Oval Productions is a conduit for helping people to tell their stories, whether that is figuring out the right brand and message companies send to their customers or telling the hard truth of diverse and conflicting communities.


Oval is here to help others understand you, and perhaps to help you better understand and promote yourself. But how can we seek to understand your story if we don't manage to tell stories of our own?


In addition to workshops, project consultancy and private creative sessions, Oval also offers live, literary, theatrical and digital productions across the UK. 




For workshops, bookings, creative sessions, or quandries of any sort please simply email: 


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